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Dan Gordon
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Living legend, Dan Gordon, a professional sports bettor and one of the best football handicappers in the world, shares his inside tips and strategies on making consistent money betting on NFL football. Much of the information here covering basic, advanced and expert concepts is available nowhere else. Gordons winning advice is brutally honest and profitable and shows how the real lines are set, how to establish your own betting lines and power ratings, and how to separate performance from perception. You'll learn to beat the point spreads and money lines, and how to bet underdogs, propositions, parlays, futures, and more. Much of the information here covers basic and advanced strategies for winning at betting NFL games. 318 pages

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
    • Why This Book is Different
  • My Sports Betting Journey
  • Overview
    • Offshore and Internet Betting
    • Parlay Cards
    • Media Coverage
    • Easy to Follow
    • Sports Services, Touts, and Bookies
  • How Pro Football Is Bet 3
    • Betting the Odds
    • Betting the Point Spread
    • Moving the Line
    • Betting Against the Point Spread
  • Other NFL Wagers
    • Over-Under Bets
    • Parlays
    • Parlay Cards
    • Reverses
    • Teasers
  • How the Line is Set
    • The Send-Out
    • Goal of the Line
    • How the Line is Really Set
  • Wh at Happens to the Send-Out Numbers?
  • Obstacles in the Bettor’s Path
    • American Society & Sports Wagering
      • The Stigma
      • The Alleged Fix
      • The Straight Deal
      • Betting and the Reality
      • How the Media Hurts Bettors
      • Other Points About Media Prognosticators
      • My Experiences With the Media
  • NFL Touts
    • Financial Realities
    • Winning Expectations
    • Keeping the Action Under Control
    • Other Points About Touts
    • Betting Locks
    • Inside Scoop on Touting
  • Sucker Bets and Their Allure
    • Parlays and Parlay Cards
    • Reverses and Other Strange Bets
    • Teaser Bets
    • Final Word
  • the winning foundation
    • Power Ratings
      • The Letter Power Ratings
      • Projected Wins
      • Adjusted Power Numbers
      • Home Advantage and Road Disadvantage
      • Combining the Letter and Number Power Ratings
    • The Fine Points of Winning Against the Point Spread
      • Making Your Own Numbers
  • The pro bettor’s toolkit: Games 1-4
    • Underrated Dog
    • Home Dog After Home Loss as Favorite
    • Monday Night Winners
    • Big Spread Range Underdog
    • Fifty-Point Swing
    • Monday or Sunday Night Home Underdogs
    • Rout Losses and Rout Wins
    • Favorite After Big Score Wins
    • Favorite Coming Off Divisional Games
    • Due-Ups and Due-Downs
    • Sandwich Games
    • Phony Wins and Phony Losses
    • Sloppy Wins
    • Bet Against Home Favorites after a Poor Defensive Effort
    • Huge Emotional Effort Followed By a Letdown
    • Lookahead
    • Revenge
    • Value
  • The pro bettor’s toolkit: Games 5-8
    • Revenge Games
    • Embarrassing Performances
    • Home Dogs
    • Emotional Follow-up
    • Sandwich Games
    • Out-of-Division Favorites
    • Follow-up Performances
    • Monday Night Follow-up
    • Large Point Swings
    • Sunday or Monday Night Home Underdogs
    • Under-the-Lights Follow-up
    • Big Scoring Teams
    • Playoff Potential
    • Special Rivalries
    • Big Game Ahead
    • Goal Mind Set
    • Phony Win Follow-ups
    • Due-Ups, Due-Downs, May-Dues, and Star-Dues
    • Sloppy Wins
    • Summary
      • Price Value
      • Power Rating Value
      • Conditions Value
      • Spread Comparison Value
      • Spread Range Value
  • The pro bettor’s toolkit: Games 9-16
    • Spread Range
    • Undefeated Home Dog
  • The pro bettor’s toolkit: Betting the Playoffs
  • Other Types of Bets
    • Exhibition Games
    • Proposition Wagers
    • Money Lines
  • Keeping Records
    • Week-to-Week Records
    • Number Power Rating Spread
    • Spread Range
    • Emotional Rating
    • Character Rating
    • Offensive/Defensive Ratings
    • Coping Ability
    • Team Roster Book
    • Box Scores
    • Other Statistical Records
  • More Winning Tips
    • Using the Media
    • Injuries
    • NFL Sunday Ticket
    • Having Access to Good Places to Bet Money Management: Understanding the Long Haul
  • Hard Work: A Week in the Life of a Professional Sports Bettor
  • Following a Team Through the Year
  • A Full Season of NFL Bets
  • The Final Word
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