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Mike Cappelletti
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Mike Cappelletti, a bridge expert and a poker authority, believes that the preferred view to many difficult bridge bidding problems can be determined by applying poker tactics such as intimidation or bluffing at the bridge table. In this book, Cappelletti discusses one hundred classic bridge problems, and recommends an exciting course of action. Illustrations. 224 page

Table Of Contents


  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Section A - Aggressiveness
    • A-1 Aggressiveness - Charge The Red Flag
    • A-2 Sheer Aggression
    • A-3 Liberalized Preemptive Actions
    • A-4 Liberalized Preemptive Actions
    • A-5 Aggressiveness - But There Are Limits
    • A-6 The Old, The New, and The Blue
    • A-7 What a Difference a Level Makes
    • A-8 Five-card Suit Weak-two Bid
    • A-9 The Five-card Suit Preempt
    • A-10 Overbid? Don’t Keep The Spade Suit a Secret
    • A-11 No Need to Show Second Suit
    • A-12 Bid Games Aggressively
    • A-13 When in Doubt, Bid Close Vulnerable Game
    • A-14 Aggressiveness or Sanity ?
    • A-15 Highly Speculative Game Bidding
    • A-16 Two-way Slam Actions
    • A-17 Liberalized Leaping Michaels
    • A-18 An Old Controversy Resolved
    • A-19 Aggressiveness Over Two-of-a-Major
  • Section B - Conservativeness
    • B-1 Don’t Make Anti-percentage Preempts
    • B-2 Don’t Push to Low Percentage Games
    • B-3 Help Partner Stay Low
    • B-4 When in Doubt - Don’t Double
    • B-5 Push or Wait
    • B-6 Risky Business
    • B-7 Don’t Get Dazzled by Great Trumps
    • B-8 Don’t Get Dazzled with Some Extra
    • B-9 Hang ‘Em High
    • B-10 Tap The Breaks
    • B-11 Tree Down on The High Road
    • B-12 Give Partner Some Room?
    • B-13 Go Quietly? Not Clear
    • B-14 Slow Play - Walking The Dog
    • B-15 Slow Play - Walk The Dog
    • B-16 These Boots Were Made for Walkin’
  • Section C – Need Information
    • C-1 Get Help - Eleven!
    • C-2 Get Help - Seven-Six
    • C-3 High Level Help
    • C-4 Get Help with Default Bid
    • C-5 Get Help - From Cappelletti
    • C-6 An Illusion of Strength
    • C-7 Blackwood?
    • C-8 Get Help - Aces
    • C-9 Help Partner - Implied Cards
    • C-10 Help Prevent The Psychic Grab
    • C-11 Two-Suited Cue Bids to The Rescue
    • C-12 Equal Level Conversion
    • C-13 A Helpful Gadget
    • C-14 You Are Cordially Invited
    • C-15 Help from Joe’s Jacoby
    • C-16 Bermuda Bidding Contest
    • C-17 Get Help Declarer
  • Section D - Look Around the Table
    • D-1 Look Around The Table
    • D-2 Look Before Leaping
    • D-3 Look Before Doubling
    • D-4 Look First And Then Guess
    • D-5 Look Across The Table
    • D-6 Can This Be For Real?
    • D-7 The “I’ve Got You” Double
    • D-8 The Confident 3N Bid
    • D-9 Who Doth?
    • D-10 To Plunge or Not to Plunge
    • D-11 A Marty or a Norman
    • D-12 Look at The Whole Cast of Characters
    • D-13 Look for Key Tells
    • D-14 Look for Mavericks
    • D-15 Hell Bent
    • D-16 Look Before You Save
  • Section E - The Amorphous Cue Bid
    • E-1 Two Classic Cue Bid Hands
    • E-2 Go West Young Man
    • E-3 Delayed Action Cue Bid
    • E-4 Cue Bid - What Else?
    • E-5 When All Else Fails
    • E-6 The Amorphous Slam Try
    • E-7 Further Out West
    • E-8 The All Purpose Cue Bid
    • E-9 The Do Something Cue Bid
    • E-10 The Least of Evils Cue Bid
    • E-11 Disclosing The Penalty Pass
    • E-12 Cue Bid Specifically Shows Two Suits
    • E-13 Big Two-Suiter
    • E-14 Leaping Compliment
    • E-15 Avoid Amorphous Cue for More Specific Bid
    • E-16 Make Most Descriptive Bid
  • Section F - Bluffing
    • F-1 “Appearances Bluff ” at Bridge
    • F-2 Bluffing at Bridge
    • F-3 Basic Bluffing - Psyching 101
    • F-4 The Psychic Overcall
    • F-5 Psyching 102 - The 1N Overcall
    • F-6 Bluffing - Grabbing Their Suit
    • F-7 Bluffing - Stealing Their Suit
    • F-8 Two for The Price of One
    • F-9 Bluff Extraordinaire
    • F-10 Blackwhat?
    • F-11 Constructive Double of Blackwood
    • F-12 Waltzing Matilda
    • F-13 Cake Walk
    • F-14 The Ultimate Preempt
    • F-15 The Striped-Tail Ape Double
    • F-16 Friends and Competitors
    • F-17 A Recent Illusion of Strength
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